To dance K-POP was how she step in to dance when she was a teenager, then she started to learn and dance Hiphop on the street. She wanted to learn more different dance styles and studied at dance department of Incheon City College (Korea).

Beginning of her choreography works were focused on limited space and discovery of movements which could be created in limited space. Through that her work has been developed in a direction to explore human body and to change the body perception.

Recently her focus is to discover the movement possibilities and own expressions of individual body part.

Normally, facial expressions play the most important role in transmitting emotion in communication. The question of how much we can communicate with our body without using facial expression is an interesting point as a choreographer.

Her first choreography [I want to talk with U] won award at the CJ Young Festival (Korea) in 2007 and received the Dokebi Award at the Chuncheon International Mime Festival (Korea) in 2008.

[Fade] made it to the final round of the International Choreography Competition No Ballet (Germany) in 2009 and Yokohama Dance Collection (Japan) in 2010.

[NOTHING for body] was selected for Aerowaves Priority List in 2012. and awarded 2nd prize and Audience prize at Erfurt Tanztheater Festival-Contact Energy (Germany) in 2012.

[Did U Hear] won the choreography competition 10 sentidos (Spain) in 2016.

[NOTHING for 60min] received Crystal Pestka at Pestka Festival (Polnad) in 2019.

She´s been participated Artist in Residency _ Moving Space Project (Chuncheon) in 2008/2009, Artist at Resort (Vienna) in 2010, EN-Knap/Spanski Borci Cultural Centre (Ljubljana), Fabrik (Potsdam), International Choreographer’s Residency (Gothenburg) in 2012, Print Arts on Stage (Vilnius), Im_flieger Residency (Vienna) in 2013, Creative Residency (Fuerth), Platform InQ (Incheon) in 2014, Caos Residency (Turin), Seoul Dance Center (Seoul) in 2016, Interdisciplinary Inqubator (Zdar), Frankfurt LAB (Frankfurt), Choreographic Center (Heidelberg) in 2018, Derida Dance Center (Bulgaria) in 2019 and Borabora Residency Center (Aarhus) in 2021.

Since 2009, her works has been internationally presented in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Croatia, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Switzerland, Greece, Norway and Armenia.

Her professional career as a dancer started with the company Dance On&Off in 2004. Then she worked as a dancer with Dance Theater Chang, YJK Dance Company, Sunny Kim Dance Project, Korean National Contemporary Dance Company and Tino Sehgal.

Also she was a founder and leader of the “Real Situation Improvisation Project”, which is a collective of young artists from various field of creative arts. They mainly did improvisation based site-specific work without boundary to the audience. The work “Bodies on the Ground” won the Challenge prize at Goyang Lake Arts Festival (Korea) in 2010.

The most important thing in her work is the communication between the audience and Performer. She’s been keep searching for her own body movement language and how those language can communicate to the audience like talking through the mouth. Her works show this process.

Dance is another way to talk to people.