BETWEEN _ with 3D Sound

Use Headphones or Earphones for 3D Sound Experience!!

audio-visual-dance-performance “BETWEEN”

short-form videos
direction & choreography_ Howool Baek
3D sound design_ Matthias Erian
video editing & effect_ Yoann Trellu
camera_ Hyojoo Yang

This video was selected as the ‘Online Media Arts Activity Support 2020’ and was produced with the support of the ‘Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’, the ‘Arts Council Korea’ and the ‘GyeongGi Cultural Foundation’.

이 영상은 ‘2020년도 온라인미디어 예술활동 지원사업’에 선정되어 ‘문화체육관광부’, ‘한국문화예술위원회’ 그리고 ‘경기문화재단’의 지원을 받아 제작되었습니다.