Did U Hear

*Body interpretation of the poem “The rose that grew from concrete” written by TUPAC SHAKUR 

*2016  Winner of the 10 sentidos Choreography Competition, Valencia, Spain

Does everyone have to have two legs? Does everyone have to learn how to breathe? Does everyone have to look well? Does everyone have to be colored same? Does everyone have to be straight? Does everyone have to be normal?
What is normal?

Isn ́t it that abnormal what we think is actually normal for the most of people?

People look at the same direction and step their feet into a footprint which the others left. Sometimes it doesn ́t fit their feet. But they care about surrounding, follow invisible rules and try to reshape their feet to fit into the footprint.

Everyone has their own struggling and weight in life. The social stereotype and prejudice drag us down deeper.
We have a right to step with our own shape of feet into a way where nobody was before .

We have a right to choose our direction, even if it takes longer.

There is a hope inside the despair. There are everywhere the rose inside of us, when we believe in ourselves.


Choreography*Dance Howool Baek
Composition*Live music Matthias Erian
Co-production Im_flieger / Austria
Support  Arts Printing House / Lithuania
                 Tanzzentrale / Germany
Thanks to.
Eunyoung Kang (✝ 2014), Peter Kutin, Ronald von den Sternen, Tim Blechmann
07.2018 Schaubudensommer Festival / Dresden, Germany
03.2018 Moving Poets / Berlin, Germany
10.2017 Mes de Danza / Sevilla, Spain (supproted by Austrian Cultural Forum Madrid)
07.2017 Full Spin Festival / Essen, Germany
07.2016 Stadt für eine Nacht / Potsdam, Germany
06.2016 Unfinished Fridays / Berlin, Germany
06.2016 Festival 10 Sentidos / Valencia, Spain
04.2016 Tanzwoche / Dresden, Germany
06.2015 Tanzwochenende / Mainz, Germany
12.2014 Tanzen vor Weihnachten / Berlin, Germany
11.2014 AAR Special edition / Vienna, Austria
10.2014 Korean Express / Moscow, Russia
10.2014 Korean Express / St.Petersburg, Russia
06.2014 Act Festival / Bilbao, Spain
11.2013 work-in-progress Presentation @Im_flieger / Vienna, Austria