2nd Story about Relationship FADE

A narrative of two lovers looking back on their past memory is presented in the refined language of the body within the confined setting of a single chair.

It expresses detailed emotions through usual gestures between man and woman like holding hands, holding each other and kissing.

Choreography & Dance Howool Baek
Dance Kwangmin Kim
Sound Composition & Live Play Matthias Erian
LightDesign Jaesung Lee
Movement Research Dong-myung Lee

Supported by Chuncheon International Mime Festival / Korea, Physical Theatre Festival / Korea

rehearsal space Supported by  Fringe Studio / Korea

Duration 25min

Premiere 05.2009 Physical Theatre Festival / @Jungbo Theater / Seoul, Korea


03.2013 @PIM OFF / Milano, Italy

10.2011 Seoul International Performing Arts Festival / Seoul, Korea

09.2011 International Platform for Choreographers / Almada, Portugal

06.2010 Studio dance / Seoul, Korea

03.2010 Art Nnjang Party / Chuncheon, Korea

02.2010 Yokohama Dance Collection R Yokohama, Japan

12.2009 CJ AZIT Ilchiwaljang 3rd/ Seoul, Korea

10.2009 Mulle International Arts Festival / Seoul, Korea

10.2009 No Ballet / Ludwigshafen, Germany

07.2009 @Brotfabrik / Berlin, Germany (supported by CJ Culture Foundation)

07.2009 @raj / Klagenfurt, Austria (supported by CJ Culture Foundation)

07.2009 Wilde Mischung / Vienna, Austria (supported by CJ Culture Foundation)

06.2009 10th Dream&Vision Dance Festival / Seoul, Korea (supported by Austria Embassy Seoul)

05.2009 Chuncheon International Mime Festival – Dokkebi Return / Chuncheon, Korea (supported by Austria Embassy Seoul)

05.2009 Physical Theater Festival / Seoul, Korea (supported by Austria Embassy Seoul)

04.2009 Work-in-Progress Showcase / @Mime House / Chuncheon, Korea