2nd Story about Relationship
[ FADE ]

A narrative of two lovers looking back on their past memory is presented in the refined language of the body within the confined setting of a single chair.                        

It expresses detailed emotions through usual gestures between man and woman like holding hands, holding each other and kissing.



Choreography Howool Baek
Dance Kwangmin Kim, Howool Baek
Music Matthias Erian
Light Design Jaesung Lee
Photography Yokko
Video Recording Wonhee Jung
Movement Research Dongmyung Lee


rehearsal space Supported by  Fringe Studio / Korea

Travel Grants supported by  CJ Culture Foundation / Korea,    Austrian Embassy in Seoul / Austria
Duration 25min
Premiere 05.2009 Physical Theatre Festival / @Jungbo Theater / Seoul, Korea
03.2013 @PIM OFF / Milano, Italy
10.2011 Seoul International Performing Arts Festival / Seoul, Korea
09.2011 International Platform for Choreographers / Almada, Portugal
06.2010 Studio dance / Seoul, Korea
03.2010 Art Nnjang Party / Chuncheon, Korea
02.2010 Yokohama Dance Collection R Yokohama, Japan
12.2009 CJ AZIT Ilchiwaljang 3rd/ Seoul, Korea
10.2009 Mulle International Arts Festival / Seoul, Korea
10.2009 No Ballet / Ludwigshafen, Germany
07.2009 Two Stories about Relationship / Berlin, Germany
07.2009 Two Stories about Relationship / Klagenfurt, Austria
07.2009 Wilde Mischung / Vienna, Austria
06.2009 10th Dream&Vision Dance Festival / Seoul, Korea
05.2009 Chuncheon International Mime Festival – Dokkebi Return / Chuncheon, Korea
05.2009 Physical Theater Festival / Seoul, Korea
04.2009 Work-in-Progress Showcase / @Mime House / Chuncheon, Korea