Foreign body_solo

There are people who are not integrated into society, not only in their own country where they were born, but also in a foreign country where they stay. They are hidden, unprotected and stateless.
Historically and recently, there are always people who search for the land where they can stay safely. From diaspora till immigrant, there are always foreign bodies who stands on other´s land.
A pure body describes their / our journey how they / we come, where they / we stand, about their / our instability in a metaphorical realism. A body moves from unfamiliar to familiar, from abstract to realistic, from hidden to open.
Through electronic sound-scape and field recordings, the music creates unfamiliar surroundings, disharmonious ambiance and follows the path of the movements.
Choreography & Dance Howool Baek
Sound Design & Live Play Matthias Erian
Light Design Hendrik Haupt
co-production Asphalt Festival Dusseldorf
supported by Korean Culture Center Berlin
funded by Arts Council Korea
Thanks to Jungsun Kim, Yoann Trellu

12.2017 Tanzen vor Weihnachten / Berlin, Germany
05.2017 Festival 10 Sentidos / Valencia, Spain
11.2016 Jonge Harten Theater Festival  / Groningen, The Netherlands
11.2016 @ Theater am Lend / Graz, Austria
08.2016 Nah Dran / Berlin, Germany
07.2016 Asphalt Festival / Dusseldorf, Germany