Foreign body_trio

Foreign body_trio

Through an attempt to make body look unfamiliar, it asks the meaning of “foreignness” in our society.
Concept & Choreography Howool Baek
Sound composition & Live play Matthias Erian
Movement Research & Interpretation Nicole Michalla, Lorenzo Savino, Shoko Seki
Movement Research Hyejin Shin, Hwayeon Noh, Misun Kim, Viola Barner

Light Design Hendrik Haupt

Pre-production Supported by Arts Council Korea
Supported by Expo Festival Berlin
Special Thanks to Jeongah Yoon, Okju Son, Hojin Jeong, Bongmin Choi, Acker Stadt Palast Berlin
Thanks to Hobin Park, Jisun Park, Kyu Choi


08.2020 International Tanz Messe / Dusseldorf, Germany

05.2020 International Modern Dance Festival (MODAFE) / Seoul, Korea

02.2020 TECart Festival / Heidelberg, Germany

05.2019 EXPO Festival / Berlin, Germany – world premiere (supported by Arts Council Korea, Austria Cultural Forum Berlin)
06.2018 Danse Elargie / Paris, France – 10min version (supported by Korean Embassy Paris, Austria Cultural Forum Paris)
04.2017 Work-in-progress presentation / Goyang, Korea (supported by Arts Council Korea)