I Want to Talk with U

1st Story about Relationship I Want to Talk with U

2008 Dokebi Award at Chuncheon International Mime Festival, Chuncheon, Korea

2007 The Best Choreography Award at CJ Young Festival, Seoul, Korea

Two dancers talk about relationship between someone who try to talk and someone who ignore through delicate movement inside tiny square on the ground. Dancers talk by eye to eye, hand to hand, foot to foot. 

Choreography & Dance Howool Baek

Dance Gongji Gang

Music Shakerleg, Sagye

Light Design Hojin Kim

Duration 25min

Premiere 11.2006 Sungmun Basic Choreography / @Post Theater / Seoul, Korea        

Rehearsal Studio Supported by Space Rough, On&Off Dance Factory, Gini Actors


06.2016 @Acker Stadt Palast / Berlin, Germany

05.2016 Performing Arts Festival / Berlin, Germany

04.2015 Seochon Performing Arts Festival / Seoul, Korea – video screening

07.2009 @Brotfabrik / Berlin, Germany (supported by CJ Culture Foundation)

07.2009 Ponderosa Tanzland Festival / Stolzenhagen, Germany (supported by CJ Culture Foundation)

07.2009 @raj / Klagenfurt, Austria (supported by CJ Culture Foundation)

05.2009 Chuncheon International Mime Festival – Dokkebi Return / Chuncheon, Korea

05.2009 Physical Theater Festival / Seoul, Korea

04.2009 Preview Dokkebi Return / @Mime House / Chuncheon, Korea

10.2008 Mullae International Arts Festival / Seoul, Korea

06.2008 Review Prizewinner / Chuncheon, Korea

05.2008 Chuncheon International Mime Festival – Dokkebi Award / Chuncheon, Korea

04.2008 Preview Dokkebi Award / Chuncheon, Korea

11.2007 CJ Young Festival / Seoul, Korea

10.2007 Mullae International Arts Festival / Seoul, Korea

11.2006 Sungmun Basic Choreography / Seoul, Korea