NOTHING for 60min

body image work [NOTHING for 60min]  

collaboration with Matthias Erian
*[NOTHING for body] is included.
*Possible to present media part separately (20mins) & at outdoor



[NOTHING for 60min] is a body image work which focused on body movement combine to live media and sound. 

It begins from „NOTHING for body“ and represented by unique language of each artistic expression under the same theme and concept.
It tells about our subjective point of view to the other through the new view of the body. 
harmonized expression between the body, media and sound, not to lean to one side.It changes a perception of the body an
Audience will see the same movement images at the same time, at the same space. 
But we want that all they have different feelings and images from this work and take it how they imagined.
The subject who makes the images are the audience, not the performer.
The delicate movements of hands and feet which moves inside the body space makes the several images through the light. 
And the movements of wrinkle and muscle close-up is shown in real time video. 
Recorded sound of the body makes rhythmical structure and experimental sonic.
You will see the body. But you will forget that it’s the body.
We know about ourselves.
But what do others know about us?
They only see their opinion of me, look at a part of me and interpret it as they want.
They think they know me.
But it’s NOTHING.


Choreography*Dance*Live video streaming  Howool Baek
Composition*Live music & video streaming Matthias Erian
Dramaturgy Kyu Choi
Light Design Jae-sung Lee
Video Recording Wonhui Jung
Photography Jubin Kim
Co-production AsiaNow (Korea) , EN-Knap (Slovenia)
Support SKE fonds (Austria)
Swedish arts Grants Committee’s International Dance Program (Sweden)
Dansbyran (Sweden)
Fabrik Potsdam (Germany)
Tanz Hotel (Austria)
Ernst Erian, JS CLUB (Jung-sun Kim, Jisun Park), Leon Curk, Niklas Ryden, Rosi Erian, Špela Trost, Thomaž Grom, Yoann Trellu
Duration 55min
Premiere 10.2012 Seoul International Performing Arts Festival / @Daehakro Arts Theater / Seoul, Korea
Travel Grants supported by Austrian Embassy Seoul, Austrian Cultural Forum Lisbon, Austrian Cultural Forum Italy
11.2018 Zeitzeug Festival / Bochum, Germany -media part, 20min
08.2018 Festival für Freunde / Dahnsdorf, Germany -media part, 20min
05.2018 Festival INACT / Strasbourg, France -media part, 20min
03.2018 @Acker Stadt Palast / Berlin, Germany
11.2016 @Ausland / Berlin, Germany -media part, 20min
07.2016 12h Open Space / Berlin, Germany -media part, 20min
06.2016 Dance Weekend / Mainz, Germany
01.2016 @Officine CAOS / Turin, Italy (supported by Austrian Cultural Forum)
07.2015 Schaubuden Sommer / Dresden, Germany – media part, 20min
07.2015 Open Look Festival / St.Petersburg, Russia
06.2015 Montag Modus / Berlin, Germany – media part, 20min
01.2015 Nah Dran XXXXVIII / Berlin, Germany – media part, 20min
11.2014 InShadow Festival / Lisbon, Portugal (supported by Austrian Cultural Forum)
10.2014 Tanztendenzen / Greifswald, Germany
08.2014 Noorderzon Festival / Groningen, The Netherlands
02.2014 @Grand Theatre / Groningen, The Netherlands
12.2013 V’elak Gala / Vienna, Austria -media part, 20min
11.2013 New Adits Festival / Klagenfurt, Austria – media part, 20min
06.2013 Stadt für Eine Nacht / Potsdam, Germany
05.2013 International Modern Dance Festiavl (MODAFE) / Seoul, Korea – media part, 20min (supported by Austrian Embassy Seoul)
05.2013 Ansan International Street Arts Festival / Ansan, Korea – media part, 20min (supported by Austrian Embassy Seoul)
04.2013 Fabrik Potsdam / Potsdam, Germany
02.2013 Plesna Vesna / Ljubljana, Slovenia
10.2012 Seoul International Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) / Seoul, Korea
09.2012 work-in-progress Presentation @Dans Byran / Gothenburg, Sweden
08.2012 work-in-progress Presentation @Fabrik Potsdam / Potsdam, Germany