Body Image Work

collaboration with Matthias Erian.
The body interact to real time video processing. A camera picks up the movement of body which made by dancer in the darkness with light.
The images are delayed, cross-faded and create the visuals in real time.
The following movements are again an analog connection to the digital process.
Also delicate movement of part of the body is shown through a small window.
We know about ourselves.
But what do others know about us?
They only see their opinion of me, look at a part of me and interpret it as they want.
They think they know me.
But it’s NOTHING.

Choreography * Dance * Live video streaming   Howool Baek
Composition * Live music & video streaming   Matthias Erian
Duration   25min
Premiere    04.2010 Tanz Tag 10. / Vienna, Austria
03.2012 @Duncan Centre Theatre / Prague, Czech Republic
12.2011 V’elak Gala / @BRUT konzerthaus / Vienna, Austria
04.2010 Tanztag 10. / @Fabriksetage, Wirtschaftspark Breitensee / Vienna, Austria
04.2010 Festival Rêverie 2010 / @Lakenmetershuis / Gent, Belgium